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At the Bradley Prizes


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

May 20 2022

The Bradley Foundation held its annual Bradley Prizes award ceremony this week in Washington on May 17. Moderated by the Wall Street Journal’s own former Bradley Prize-winning Kim Strassel, the event honored 2022 recipients Wilfred McClay, Glenn Loury, and Chen Guangcheng.

Having been sent a link to view the ceremony via live stream, my wife and I watched at our kitchen table. When the great Bill McClay finished speaking, my wife began to applaud before she realized it was just us sitting at the kitchen table. What a terrific speech.

I thought this was a case where the Prize-winners themselves honored the institution of the Prizes. The Bradley Foundation has now made the press releases, speech texts, and videos of this year’s Prize-winners available for all (links and videos below). All I can say is that they are all worth your time. I have also excerpted Bill McClay’s remarks above the video just to get the ball rolling.

Wilfred McClay: Press release and speech text.


Glenn Loury: press release and speech text. Video below.

Chen Guancheng: Press release and speech text. Video below.



And All Gods People Said Amen

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