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There's a real opportunity in 2022 to begin to build an American majority, not just a Republican majority - Newt Gingrich


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I wrote this four-part series on creating an American majority, not a Republican majority for a reason. I am convinced the radicalism of the Big Government Socialist, woke politicians and their performance failures create a unique opportunity to propose a dramatically different future for our country. This future is based on different principles and focused on unifying all the American people who reject leftism and are fed up with failure.

There is a chance to create an America that works. We can replace the Big Government Socialist woke world that fails.

Moving forward to a new renaissance of a successful, working America requires winning the simple performance argument – and the more complex policy-values arguments. The importance of winning both arguments is captured in Claire Berlinski’s invaluable book, "There is no Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters."

Berlinski describes how Prime Minister Thatcher set out, from her first days as opposition leader, to destroy the moral legitimacy and performance promise of socialism. She did such an effective job of discrediting socialism as a moral force that no openly leftwing leader has been elected Prime Minister of Great Britain for 40 years.:snip:

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Why I Like Newt. He is a optimist "America's best Days Are Ahead" Ronald Reagan. He is one of thee few politicians that thinks farther than the next election.  I wonder what would have happened if he defeated He Who Shall Not Be Named in 2012 

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