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‘I Knew You When…’


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‘I Knew You When…’

Ole Summers

May 12, 2022

The case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health is generating both passion and distraction by the left as a draft of what appears to be a majority opinion has been leaked, breaking tradition as well as the security which helps to provide what is hoped to be a political-free decision (we could only hope). The heated rhetoric and delusional predictions of doom for the republic serve to distract from at least two central and vital factors in our health and direction as a free people. It is important to the left, their goals, and the path toward them that there is a complete lack of clarity concerning these two factors and their role in this matter.

The first is the Constitution itself. The draft is a clear, simple, and direct explanation of how our republic is supposed to work and what the real duty of the Court is. The Constitution is not with us to solve every human conflict and problem. Neither is the Court. The Constitution sets the framework by which a self-governing, diverse people can govern themselves, accounting for differences not just in opinions but in regional and cultural habits and needs. The Constitution shows a faith in the ultimate wisdom of the people in their own affairs.  There is no mention or intent concerning abortion in the Constitution. It is not a federal matter. The draft is constitutionally concise and correct.   :snip:  https://ricochet.com/1255681/i-knew-you-when/

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