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Thoughts from the ammo line (Hire Me edition)


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Power Line

Scott Johnson

May 13 2022

Ammo Grrrll wants to fill a JOB OPENING!!! She writes:

It has come to my attention that the Twitter Head Content Moderator Vijaya Gadde is the genius who had the great idea to ban the Hunter Biden laptop story, a story that some 16 percent of the electorate surveyed said would have changed their vote in the 2020 election. Well done, Vijaya! Oh, and she also banned the sitting President of the United States. Talk about a Power Trip. Can you imagine some entity telling FDR he couldn’t broadcast his Fireside Chats on the radio?

But the nerve of the woman is not what struck me the most. No, it was learning that for these crimes against Truth, Free Speech, Democracy and Human Decency, she also made $17 million dollars in a single year. No wonder she’s in a panic over the new sheriff soon to be in town, Mr. Elon Musk. However, if she isn’t also an idiot as well as a totalitarian liar, she should never have to work again after just that one year. I know I could scrape by on the savings from that – how ‘bout you?

But a little all-too-human frisson of envy tickled my brain and I have decided to apply for her job. Principles are all well and good, but SEVENTEEN MILLION DOLLARS? Are you kidding me? So, if anyone knows how to contact Mr. Musk, perhaps you could forward this to him.

Dear Elon,


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With 3 teenage boys, the wearing of baseball caps at the dinner table – banned. Even backwards. Okay, for sure banned when Grandma visits or for Sunday dinner.


Classic Tony Soprano


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