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Sports Illustrated Thinks Its Swimsuit Issue Is the Perfect Place to Highlight 'Social Justice Issues'


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When I was in high school I worked at my local library (I know — nerd alert). I loved being able to be one of the first to see new books when they came in and learning about new authors, but one nice advantage as a teenage boy was to get to see the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue before most subscribers received it in their mailboxes.


For nearly 60 years, Sports Illustrated has entertained millions of men with its yearly swimsuit edition. Readers anticipate the swimsuit issue for the beautiful women, but I’d wager that they don’t approach it for a nuanced discussion of the issues facing our society at large.

But that’s not what Sports Illustrated thinks.

Instead, Outkick reports that the magazine is crowing over this year’s issue, which hits newsstands this month, because the 2022 swimsuit edition features the women of the WNBA.:snip:

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All I know is "Social justice" is what I'm most thinking about when the SI swimsuit edition comes out.




This never even enters into my head. that's my story and I'm stickin with it!


Its not like men like to look at scantly clad beautiful young women. Perish The Thought! 

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