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Conservative Candidates WIN BIG in Tarrant County Texas School Board Elections — 10 of 11 Conservatives Win in a Blow to the Radical Left


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Gateway Pundit

Jim Hoft
May 8, 2022

Conservative candidates WON BIG in the Tarrant County Texas school board elections this weekend.

All but one of the 11 conservative candidates won their race this weekend.

The conservatives were running on a platform to remove racist Critical Race Theory indoctrination from the classrooms. The candidates also spoke out against the pornography in books discussing LGBT issues.

In Tarrant County, Texas which includes Fort Worth--the last major urban red county standing in the US, and targeted by the Dems for several years--lots of conservatives won in key local elections yesterday. School boards retained/flipped, mayors, city council seats.




Harbinger Of Things To Come? One can hope.

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