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$50K to Teach Climate Change to Indian Journalists


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Real Clear Policy

The U.S. State Department will send up to $50,000 to nonprofits and universities in India to teach Indian journalists about climate change, according to a recent grant notice.

This program aims to increase Indian journalists’ knowledge about climate change, increase their confidence on reporting on climate change issues, and increase the quality of climate change reporting in India. The program will be considered successful if attendees can write long form articles about climate by the end of the program, the grant notice states.


These goals will be accomplished by funding nonprofits and universities in India to host workshops in the languages of Teluga and Odia for local journalists. The State Department expects around 50 journalists will attend these workshops, and expects each attendee to publish an article on climate change shortly after the workshops.

If the U.S. really wanted to improve the journalistic coverage of climate change, one might think they would start in the U.S. with global publications like The New York Times.:snip:

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