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Republican AGs Battle ‘Woke’ Law Enforcement


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A group of Republican state attorneys general this week withdrew from the National Association of Attorneys General, a move that signals growing frustration with an increasingly progressive bent in law enforcement.

The attorneys general of Texas, Missouri, and Montana cited NAAG's "intolerable" leftward shift as their reason for leaving. In recent months, the group has pushed efforts to isolate conservative "misinformation" in social media and featured left-wing mega donor Tom Steyer's brother as a keynote speaker. NAAG has also featured speakers from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which routinely brands conservative organizations as hate groups.

The move signals Republican prosecutors' growing resolve to confront left-wing ideology in major legal institutions. It's a frustration that encompasses the woke takeover of top law schools like Yale, attacks on law enforcement, and the liberal bent of their own career staff.

"The association's leftward shift over the past half decade has become intolerable. Indeed, this liberal bent has fundamentally undermined NAAG's role as a nonpartisan national forum," Texas attorney general Ken Paxton (R.) wrote in a resignation letter, which Missouri attorney general Eric Schmitt (R.) and Montana attorney general Austin Knudsen (R.) cosigned. "We can no longer spend our taxpayers’ money to sustain our membership with NAAG under these circumstances."


No money for woke cops.

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