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“What right have we to be generous with the money of our constituencies to help a foreign people?”


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“What right have we to be generous with the money of our constituencies to help a foreign people?”

By Oscar Underwood May 5, 2022 Blog

Delivered by Oscar Underwood of Alabama in the House of Representatives May, 1902.

Mr. UNDERWOOD. Mr. Speaker, on Saturday last, when this bill came from the Senate, it was proposed that it should be taken up at once and considered by the House without, going through the usual channels of consideration. I insisted that lie-fore action was taken by the House the bill should go to the Committee on Appropriations, where the matter could be investigated. I think such a course is proper with all propositions of this kind.

 My objection at that time was not merely because I was opposed to the bill, but because I thought the usual course should be pursued under the circumstances. This morning the Committee on Appropriations have brought in a bill, agreed to unanimously by the Republican and Democratic members of that committee, declaring that, in the judgment of the committee, this appropriation should lie made. I do not think it wise or expedient or proper to pass this class of legislation; but under the existing circumstances in this case, although I know my single objection might kill the bill, I am not willing to stand in the way of legislation and say that I must determine the question, not my colleagues on the floor of this House. Therefore I have not renewed my objection to the bill. But I wish to state why I intend to vote against it.   :snip: 

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