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Sex Is Never Trivial, It’s A Life And Death Act


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The Federalist

Sex Is Never Trivial, It’s A Life And Death Act


MAY 05, 2022


Behind the veil of abortion is the inescapable reality that sex is deeply consequential.

With the scandalous leak of a majority draft opinion indicating that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade came the predictable rekindling of the debate about the morality of ending human life in the womb, but this endless back-and-forth skirts a deeper issue.

The left is clinging for dear life to the barbaric procedure they’ve euphemized as a “woman’s right to choose,” although even the president of the United States admitted after the leak that abortion isn’t just a “clump of cells” or “fetus” that’s being “terminated.” It’s the intentional killing of a “child.” Meanwhile, for the right, Roe‘s impending demise marks a victory for human life nearly 50 years in the making, plus the next uphill battle of protecting life in each state.

One reason that fight will always be uphill is that although abortion is an issue of monumental importance, it’s still just the ugly, rotten fruit of the real problem. Digging down to the root unearths the gnarly source of America’s murderous ecosystem: our perverted sexual ethic.

The design for sex, ordained by the Creator Himself since the dawn of Earth in Eden, is that it belongs in marriage alone in a covenant between one man and one woman until death. Only in that context can sex be what God intended: a mutual self-giving that is complete, unconditional, faithful, and ultimately fruitful. Although subduing the ground and bringing children into the world became painful with man’s rebellion, the aim of marriage and sex remained: “Be fruitful and multiply.” But oh, how we’ve strayed.   :snip: 

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