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10 Reasons the USA is Better Than Europe.


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The World According To Biggs

May 6 2022

10 Reasons the USA is Better Than Europe. Welcome back to the World According to Briggs and a video about why the United States is so much better than Europe. This video came about after getting emails from Europeans for close to 3 years telling me why the US sucks and Europe is so much better. They often bring up good points, but they also like to hint at things like we are rude, arrogant, and dumb. That can be true about everyone, don’t act like Americans have cornered the market on that stuff. The thing is, they act like they have it so much better and all the US has ever done is start wars. Every country, town, village, and neighborhood have its good and its bad.

So let’s take a look in no particular order at some things that make the US a far better option than Europe.

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