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Expert Constitutional Lawyer, Jenna Ellis, Gives an Explosion Interview | May 6th 2022, Ep 236


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Dinesh D’Souza has been making the rounds (with all the usual suspects) promoting his latest Film 2000 Mules. This IMO is one of the Best, because we see Left & Right talking to him about it.



Apr. 29 2022

2:25 - Introducing Dinesh D'Souza

3:20 - Dinesh Unwraps His New Film '2000 Mules'

6:15 - Were Some Of The Ballot Harvesters Legal?

13:45 - Dinesh Explains The Process Of Mules Visiting Ballot Boxes

16:30 - Why It Was Difficult For Dinesh To Find Ballot Security Footage

23:00 - Dinesh's Thoughts On The Election Now Vs. In 2020

27:10 - Have Hard Right-Wing Conservatives Hurt D'Souza's Case?


Particularly 27:10 - Have Hard Right-Wing Conservatives Hurt D'Souza's Case?

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