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‘Social and Emotional Learning’ Programs Are No Substitute for Mothers


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Heritage Foundation

Intervening at Younger and Younger Ages

Regardless of evidence showing strong outcomes for children who are cared for by attentive mothers, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is increasing its push for “Early Childhood Education and Care,” which calls for “increased labour supply from mothers and massive state-funding for institutionalized daycare,” perhaps at the earliest ages.

Similarly, the 2016 U.N. “Education for Global Citizenship” plan stresses that educational measures must foster the development of the “whole person” by shaping children “emotionally, ethically, intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually.”

Seeing the windows of opportunity hanging wide open in infancy and toddlerhood, global education engineers are desperate to intervene in children’s lives at earlier and earlier ages.:snip:

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