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Political newcomer wins GOP nomination to challenge longest-serving woman in the House


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Washington Examiner

JR Majewski has won the Republican primary in Ohio's 9th Congressional District and will challenge one of the longest-tenured members of Congress for what used to be a safe Democratic seat.

Majewski, an Air Force veteran who painted a giant Donald Trump campaign logo on his lawn during the 2020 presidential election, beat out three other contenders for the GOP nomination in a closely contested primary. He can expect some help from the larger Republican Party in his bid to take down Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), who was first elected in 1982. Due to Ohio's messy redistricting process, her former solidly Democratic seat in Cleveland has shifted to a "toss-up," according to the Cook Political Report.:snip:

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Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

Mitch Berg

May 4 2022

The Left wants Donald Trump on the ballot this fall – the Trump with no internal governor who wrote the mean tweets, the Trump of the (often dishonest or fabricated) media narratives, and especially of the “January 6” of fact, fiction and in between.

But then, so does the GOP.

But which Donald Trump? The business tycoon? The loose cannon that could rope-a-dope either world leaders into agreement, or his own cabinet into distraction? Or the person that focused the economic and social concerns of a whole lot of people – middle America, blue-collar “Red” America, and by the bye more Black and Latino voters than any Republican in two generations, into political action?

The Virginia gubernatorial election showed us a hint: it’s #3. The first two camps barely registered in that fairly meat ‘n potatoes contest.

We’ve got a group of primaries coming up this month – Idaho, and later this month Georgia.

But it started last night, with Ohio’s primaries for Governor and Senate.

And it saw the above-mentioned three camps squaring off:


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