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LGBT Leftists Want to Cancel Conservative Actor — Because He Attends Church


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The New America

“There’s no one as illiberal as a liberal.” This saying could come to mind with one of the latest cancel-cultist campaigns: getting Marvel Studios to replace actor Chris Pratt over views on homosexuality.

But not Pratt’s own views. The performer has never publicly expressed his positions on sexuality, period. The issue is that he attends a church that, its pastor once told The New York Times, patterned itself after a different church whose major figures have expressed disapproval of homosexual behavior, according to DeseretNews.

Put differently, he knows a church that knew a church that the sexual devolutionaries wish was unknown.

That is, if Deseret is correct. NBC claims that Pratt attends that patterned-after institution, Hillsong Church in Australia, though NBC isn’t exactly known for reportage rectitude (see George Zimmerman, et al.).

Regardless, the message is clear: Even a tangential association with Judeo-Christian tenets that have been held for thousands of years — and which are dogma in many churches today (e.g., Catholicism) — and which reflect the beliefs of billions of people worldwide, is supposed to disqualify you from success and polite society, according to the wokesters.:snip:

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