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Standards board advances rule change to allow noncitizen police officers in Minnesota


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A group of unelected political appointees who control police licensing standards in Minnesota are pushing to allow noncitizens to become cops.

Kyle Hooten

April 28, 2022

The Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) is trying to allow noncitizens to become licensed police officers and prohibit people who engage with undefined “hate” groups on social media from entering the force.

These changes were approved by the board by a large margin and are awaiting review from the revisor.

Removing citizenship requirement

Presently, the minimum selection standards to become a licensed peace officer in Minnesota require that applicants “be a citizen of the United States.” The POST Board, however, has approved a proposal to also include candidates who are “eligible to work in the United States under federal requirements.”

This is not a unique proposal. California is trying to do the same thing, but California has initiated this change through the state legislature while in Minnesota it’s being pushed by a group of unelected political appointees.


‘Hate group’ restrictions

The board also voted to affirm a rule change that would allow the state to revoke the licenses of officers who participate “in any form in the activities of a white supremacist; hate or extremist group.” However, what constitutes such a group is barely defined and the criteria for supporting such a group apparently includes membership in the wrong online communities.



Gosh I wonder how they would define "Hate Group"? Why do I get the feeling its anyone even slightly to the Right of Keith Ellison?

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