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Another day, another criminal not charged by the woke DA from the Smollett case


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Washington Examiner

Woke Cook County, Illinois, District Attorney Kimberly Foxx just doesn’t want to put criminals in jail.

Apparently, standing bloodied over a corpse and confessing to the murder isn't enough for Foxx, known for her role in dropping all charges against disgraced actor Jussie Smollett, to put people in jail. It wasn't until a Chicago police detective commander overrode Foxx that the suspect was charged with murder.


Police allegedly encountered the suspect, Gregory Stamps, minutes after murdering someone with a hammer in his bedroom. He reportedly had the victim's wallet in his pocket and blood on his hands and clothes.

Investigators stated that Stamps confessed to killing the victim, then removing the victim's clothes and dragging his naked body down three flights of stairs, leaving the body in an alley, and trashing the victim's clothes. Yet, Foxx still declined to prosecute Stamps for murder despite this admission of guilt. And, to make matters worse, Stamps was already on parole for attempted murder.:snip:

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