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Biden probe needs to untangle any foreign financial entanglements


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Fox News

Corrupt and authoritarian regimes poured millions of dollars into Biden family coffers

Andrew McCarthy

Apr. 28 2022

What’s your passport number? Why are we asking? Because we need to know everything there is to know about your travel to and contacts with foreign countries and foreign nationals. 

Have you lived abroad? Do you have relatives who have lived and worked abroad? Your father, mother, brother, sister, or child? Oh, really? In what countries? What kind of work? Who are their business associates?

Pretty nosy questions, right? Well, no, not really. They are actually just the tip of the iceberg for any American who wants to work in a national security position in the United States government.

It is worth bearing this in mind as we watch the spectacle of Attorney General Merrick Garland dodging Congress’s questions about an ongoing criminal investigation that implicates several members of the Biden family, including President Joe Biden himself.

In deflecting Senate questions about why a special counsel has not been appointed under circumstances where there is a neon-flashing conflict of interest, the administration acts as if this is just a narrow problem, involving only the president’s troubled son Hunter and what he deceptively refers to as his "tax affairs."

But Hunter and his potential tax evasions are the least consequential part of the probe. What matters is that corrupt and authoritarian regimes poured millions of dollars into Biden family coffers, clearly expecting to gain access to Joe Biden in his various top government positions. They were not after the erratic Hunter’s business acumen; they were after political influence.


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