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Biden Vows to Spend Billions on ‘Climate Friendly’ Military Vehicles


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In honor of Earth Day, Biden vowed to spend “billions” on “climate friendly” military vehicles in a statement to a group of Democrats. “In the United States military, every vehicle is going to be climate friendly, every vehicle,” Biden said to a round of applause. “No I mean it, we’re gonna spend billions of dollars to do it,” the president continued.

At this time, a fleet of solar powered, “climate friendly” military vehicles would not be feasible if the armed forces were to attain combat efficiency. Infrastructure for electric vehicles is not even developed in states like Washington, who have voted to phase out gas-fueled vehicles by the mid 2030’s.:snip:

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Joe Biden Announces Woke New Direction for US Military's Combined Assets

The occasion was Earth Day. During remarks from Seward Park in Seattle, Washington, on Friday, President Joe Biden said the U.S. is spending billions of dollars to make “EVERY vehicle in the United States military … climate friendly.”

I guess Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was serious last year when he told Americans that climate change represented the most serious existential threat we face.

Aside from the fact that there aren’t many charging stations in the Iraqi desert or the mountains of Afghanistan, the idea is insane on its face. What tiny fraction of emissions come from military vehicles, anyway?:snip:

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