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Here’s Why Asian-Americans Are Reportedly Fleeing the Democratic Party


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When will Democrats get that going ‘woke’ was electoral suicide. For a party that prides itself in being diverse, it’s not. It’s rapidly becoming a party of single, college-educated white female socialists. They’re ideologically insane. They’re shrill. They can’t message. They’ve alienated almost everyone. White progressives are also saddled with mountains of college debt. Why do you think it’s become a top issue for the Democratic Party? The base is dominated by a snobby, elitist, and overwhelmingly white core that is way out of step with the other blocs that comprise the liberal base. It’s become so bad that Hispanics are bolting from the party. College-educated men are fleeing to the GOP. And now, Asian-Americans are saying sayonara to the Left. It’s not because they’ve decided to become hardcore conservatives. They’re just tired of being discriminated against when it comes to their kids’ education. Yes, there is a color scale that Democrats slap on everyone, and Asians don’t quite make the cut regarding the ‘person of color’ test (via Daily Caller😞


“The Asian alone population grew by 35.5% between 2010 and 2020,” according to the 2020 U.S. Census, accounting for the fastest growing non-white population. Only 55% of Asian-Americans approved of President Joe Biden in a January poll released by the Pew Research Center.

A majority of polls do not include Asian-Americans as a separate demographic due to their relatively small population size compared to Hispanic, black and white voters. Asian-Americans are also diverse, and many are immigrants who are not fluent in English, making it difficult to conduct accurate surveys, according to Pew.:snip:

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The Driver Behind the Recent Historic Collapse of Hispanic Support for Democrats

:snip:There’s one more aspect of this that should not go unappreciated: The Left’s aggressive shift on culture war issues is absolutely a factor in the Hispanic move to the right. And this is important because it raises the potential that Democrats have exchanged their coalition of the ascendant, the demographic destiny that once was their guiding light, for a coalition of well-educated suburban white women whose cultural priorities look more like Wendy Davis and less like any Hispanic mother.:snip:

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