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Biden: ‘My Administration Has Launched the Most Ambitious Environmental and Climate Agenda in History’


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CNS News

CNSNews.com) - President Joe Biden issued a proclamation on Thursday that declared Friday as “Earth Day,” called on the human race to unite in an “effort to save our planet” and stated that his administration had “launched the most ambitious environmental and climate agenda in history.”

“The responsibility to confront the climate crisis is not solely on the United States,” said Biden in his proclamation. “It requires leaders across the world committing to a clean energy future. :snip:

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Trump at Heritage Foundation Dinner: ‘Climate Hysteria Hoax’ Destroying Economy

Former President Trump delivered the keynote speech at the Heritage Foundation’s annual leadership conference at the Ritz-Carlton on Thursday where he addressed a range of issues, chief among them being the radical left’s destruction of the American economy via the “Climate Hysteria Hoax.”

“One of the most urgent tasks not only for our movement but for our country is to decisively defeat the Climate Hysteria Hoax,” the president said to the room of supporters.:snip:

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