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Quotas Are Unconstitutional, Whether They Harm White People or Minority Groups


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Real Clear Politics

At work, white people are being told to check their privilege at the door. But a court ruling on Friday indicates there's still hope for fair treatment in the corporate world, even if you're not a racial minority.

On April 1, a California court struck down a state law mandating that corporate boards seats be reserved for people of minority groups. The court said quotas violated the state's constitutional guarantee that everyone is treated equally under the law.


Equal protection isn't just for minority races. It's everyone's right.

Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first African American on the U.S. Supreme Court, wrote in 1976 in McDonald v. Santa Fe Trail Transportation Co. that discriminating against white employees in favor of nonwhite employees is just as wrong and contrary to the Constitution as the reverse. That's still the law today.

In 2020, California passed a law requiring public companies headquartered in the state to have at least one board member who is a racial minority or LGBTQ+ by the end of 2021, and increase that to two or more "diverse" board members by the end of 2022.:snip:

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