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Southern Rock Legends Debut 'Sweet Florida' Song Celebrating the Sunshine State and Its Governor


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Johnny Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd and his brother Donnie Van Zant from .38 Special, who also record together as Van Zant, wrote and recorded the song “Sweet Florida” in tribute to DeSantis and the freedom that Florida has come to represent.

The brothers presented DeSantis with a handwritten chord chart and treated him to a world premiere of the tune.


The lyrics are exactly what you’d expect from a celebration of freedom in an era where liberty is in short supply. The first verse and chorus set the tone:

The press don’t like him but he sure does get my business

He stands up for what he believes

So don’t come down here trying to change things

We’re doing alright in the Sunshine State

Stay out of our business – leave our Gov alone

Down in Sweet Florida

Our Governor is Red White and Blue

Down in Sweet Florida

He’s shootin’ us straight – tellin’ us the truth:snip:


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