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New MasterCard to monitor cardholders' carbon footprint, cap purchases


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American Thinker

Auto manufacturers, companies, and governments increasingly have the power to track our every movement and prevent us from driving our own vehicles.  Supposedly democratic governments can lock us down or even freeze our bank accounts on a whim (see also "Canada" and "Trudeau").  In this increasingly dystopian world, large multinational corporations are working hand-in-glove with said governments to reshape society in their preferred image, garden-variety citizens be damned.

To that end, MasterCard and the United Nations have joined forces to produce a credit card that measures your carbon footprint.  Once you reach your "limit," you can't purchase anything else...at least with that card.  Well, isn't that special?  What's next?  We may not want to know.

But perhaps I'm too cynical.  What could be the downside?

Would it prevent the cardholder from purchasing, say, cigarettes?  Put a cap on how much one could spend at a liquor store?  If we were to try to order Glenn Beck's new book, The Great Reset, from barnesandnoble.com, would it generate a message like "incorrect purchase, authorization not allowed"?  If we wanted to use it to pay for our subscription to the New York Post, would a pop-up notice appear saying, "Transaction disallowed, inappropriate material!"?:snip:

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