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California sees nation-leading population declines in Los Angeles, San Francisco


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The Center Square

California counties and metropolitan centers saw some of the largest population declines during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to data released this week from the U.S. Census Bureau.

San Francisco County saw America’s second-highest population decline at -6.7% – only outpaced by New York County with a 6.9% drop. Nearby San Mateo County saw the fifth-highest percentage decline at -3.5%, according to the data.

In terms of sheer numbers, Los Angeles County saw the most significant population loss of any county nationwide, losing nearly 160,000 residents in 2021 (though the county was not in the top 10 for percentage decline). Despite these population losses, Los Angeles County remains the most populous in the nation as of July 2021 and is home to more than 9.8 million residents.


The data comes as part of an annual estimate from the U.S. Census Bureau, which showed that the number of deaths surpassed the number of births in most U.S. counties in 2021. According to the data, 73% of counties are experiencing a “natural decrease” – up from 55.5% in 2020, according to the data. Experts said that fewer births, an aging population and increased mortality, which was “intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic,” contributed to this rise.:snip:


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Gosh Why Would Anyone Wat to Leave?


I seem to recall Legalizing Drugs would solve The Drug problem?

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California expected to lose five House seats in 2030 as population estimates show continued exodus


Sep 20, 2023 News Talk

California expected to lose five House seats in 2030 The most recent California populace gauges show weighty changes in House seats in the Vote based state, which is poised to lose upwards of five legislative locale in the 2030 reapportionment cycle in the event that latest things endure.

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