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‘We’ve Sold 25,000 Razor Subscriptions In Our First Three Days’: Daily Wire CEO Joins Tim Pool To Discuss Jeremy’s Razors, Woke Corporations


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Daily Wire

On Thursday night, co-CEO of The Daily Wire Jeremy Boreing sat down live in-studio for an interview with Tim Pool, popular podcaster and host of TimCast IRL, to discuss The Daily Wire’s latest venture — Jeremy’s Razors, a new company launched by The Daily Wire in response to Harry’s razors pulling its advertising from The Daily Wire in 2021. Boreing also talked about the success of Jeremy’s Razors, announcing that the company had sold 25,000 razor subscriptions in just three days.

Jeremy’s Razors also released a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, and its first ad, which features the McLaren-driving “god-king” Boreing walking through The Daily Wire’s headquarters and torching a pack of Harry’s razors. It has received more than one million views on Twitter.



The ad also caught the eye of Pool, who praised the ad as “one of the funniest commercials ever.” He added that the whole idea was “brilliant” and that “The Daily Wire knows the power of culture” during a segment of his podcast.

On Thursday, Pool had Boreing on Timcast IRL to discuss Jeremy’s Razors and why a company like this was necessary.:snip:

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Apr. 4 2022

This is how we win. When Harry's Razor's execs saw a Tweet from an "influencer" with two (2) followers, alarmed that someone at The Daily Wire said men are men and women are women, Harry's yanked their ads, and slammed the audience. Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boering decided to fight back, starting his own company — Jeremy's Razors. Check out the viral ad for Jeremy's Razors, and a link to purchase, at our website. Click here: https://bit.ly/JeremysRazors

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Apr. 11 2022 Megyn Kelly is joined by Jeremy Boreing, co-founder and co-CEO of The Daily Wire, to talk about why The Daily Wire launched a razor company to fight the woke mob, how the Daily Wire is gaining more popularity with their commercial, and more.


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