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Media Conglomerates Marketing The Gender Identity Industry.


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The propaganda, that there is a subset of humanity that is not male or female, or who believe that they are something other than male or female and should be accommodated everywhere in society for this belief, has been like a distant media drumbeat in our lives.  It is always there as backdrop noise, hypnotizing us with virtue signals and repetition.



Nick Monroe, reporting in the Post Millennial recently critiqued a Sports Illustrated (SI) interview with swimmer Lia Thomas, a man swimming on a women’s elite sports team, who SI claims is really a woman.  Monroe was unsurprised that Lia Thomas doubled down on his gender identity in the interview, and yet he stopped short of asking why women’s sports are being overhauled for men.  He left the premise of there being a subset of humanity called “transgender” people intact.

Sports podcaster, Ross Tucker did the same in a recent, nearly wonderful Twitter thread, critiquing Lia Thomas’ NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship win Thursday. At the bottom of a nearly perfect thread, where he correctly identifies Lia Thomas as a man and the harms generated by his acceptance into women’s sports, he writes: “That said, where non-zero-sum (colliding rights) inclusion is possible, in a safe way, there should be no barrier to welcoming ‘transwomen’ into sport,” undoing all his own clarity up until that point.

The critiques of the gender industry by some mainstream media outlets, only presented on the political right, focus on the surface of the issue; the obvious unfairness of “transwomen” in women’s sports (they mean men), the obvious lack of safety for women when “transwomen” are housed in women’s prisons (again, they mean men), etc.  The premise of “transgender” people, the one thing that needs to be critiqued, is almost never touched by any mainstream media outlet.:snip:

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