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Nike Partners With ‘Gender Cool Project’ to Promote Transgender Athletes


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CNS News

(CNSNews.com) -- Nike and other well-known brands have partnered with The Gender Cool Project to promote young transgender athletes and their participation in sports, apparently to push the idea that being transgender is normal and that there is nothing wrong with biological males competing as “women” or biological females playing as “men.”

Nike partnered with the organization in a campaign called Play it Out that focuses on embracing the idea that it is okay for children and teens to transition and play on the same team of the gender to which they transitioned.


The campaign has a commercial that starts with a child’s voice asking, “Have you ever met a transgender kid?” The ad is 30 seconds long and shows numerous individuals playing sports as a team and individuals commenting on what it means to be a part of a team.:snip:

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There are many things I don't Get. This whole transgender "movement" is recently been near the top of that list. When this started a couple of years ago I did something strange, I looked up the number of transgender people In The World. If memory serves the percentage starts with .0. Assuming this is accurate, I have a question....Why is it that I cannot swing a dead cat without hitting an article/video/talk that isn't about Transgenders and their fight for equality? I mean There Just Are Not All That Many transgender people in the world. I mean for Christ's sake you could probably fit them all in the Ft. Dodge Ks. Holiday Inn!



Now If Someone Is Really Transgender (and not someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame/virtue signaling) You have my sympathy, because that's gotta screw your head pretty bad, and I hope you have a good fulfilling happy life. But I Really don't understand Why Nike (and so many other companies/organizations Suddenly have their panties in a bunch over this.  I...Just...Don't...Get...It.

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