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Twitter locks out Babylon Bee after “Man of the Year” article


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"Hateful conduct."

Cindy Harper

Mar. 21 2022

The Babylon Bee, a popular satirical website, had its Twitter account temporarily suspended for “hateful content” after posting an article about Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine, who is biologically male but identifies as a transgender woman. The satirical publication called Levine its “Man of the Year.”












Replying to @SethDillon

We're not deleting anything. Truth is not hate speech. If the cost of telling the truth is the loss of our Twitter account, then so be it.

I've received some messages from people asking how they can help. I can think of a few ways: 1. Never censor yourself. Insist that 2 and 2 make 4 even if Twitter tries to compel you to say otherwise. Make them ban tens of millions of us.


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Babylon Bee Writers Struggling To Come Up With New Material After Twitter Bans 1 Of Their 2 Jokes

March 21st, 2022



U.S.—Twitter dealt a devastating blow to The Babylon Bee yesterday after banning them from telling transgender jokes, which is one of the only two jokes they know. 

"Guys, what are we going to do?!" cried Editor-in-Chief Kyle Mann while pacing back and forth. "Those 'man-identifies-as' jokes represent almost all our material! We're finished! FINISHED, I tell you!" 

The assembled writing team collectively racked their brains to try and come up with a new joke, but could only come up with jokes about youth pastors and potluck dinners, which is already their first joke.


Experts warn that unless they come up with a new joke, The Babylon Bee could potentially lose its status as the all-time king of marginally acceptable satire.

Leadership at the company warned their workers that if they don't come up with a new joke soon, they may have to bring back founder Adam Ford to turn things around. 



Release The Twitter Trolls!

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Its getting to the point where If you haven't been suspended/banned on Some social platform, people will start to....Talk.


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Mar. 21 2022

The Babylon Bee has been suspended from Twitter for "Hateful Conduct" and the Editor-in-Chief Kyle Mann speaks out.

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