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Deep Thoughts From Materialists (or why I am a stupid mindless robot)


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Mar. 7 2022

How I See The US After Living In Germany and after Living Abroad is a series of videos about realizations of the USA.

Recently I watched a documentary on YouTube called God Bless America, in which it explores why the USA is obsessed with religion. It dives into the Evangelist, Christianity, and people who believe are the saviors of thsi world. The documentary is an eye opener you can watch it below:


There is no clear division in the USA when it comes to Church & State. European countries are also religious but they practice religion in a very different way.


SHALLOW is the word that comes to mind. But then Shallow is what materialist so often do. About the only thing he didn't do is accuse us of being Nazis. an oversight on his part i'm sure.


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