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Joe Biden’s War - The fate of the world is in the hands of a man who is literally and demonstrably a weak-willed and mentally disabled dimwit.


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American Spectator

o here we are in a shooting war with Russia. We are supplying the weapons, and the Ukrainians are doing the fighting and dying. But make no mistake. In addition to arming the Ukrainians, by our sanctions, we have declared economic war on Russia and, reportedly, are also using our satellites to target Russian troops for death and destruction. We are in this war just as surely as if Americans were on the ground pulling the triggers.

And, as this goes on, the question becomes how will it play out? Will Russia retaliate with cyberattacks to disrupt our domestic power grid, pipelines, transportation, financial institutions or other infrastructure?  Will it unleash chemical or biological agents? Will it use tactical nukes to speed up the rubbling of Ukraine’s cities? How will we respond if Russia pursues any of these options? And how close are we to that one misstep that could cause events to spiral out of control into nuclear conflagration?

How did we get here?

The answer is simple. The titular head of the Biden regime is weak, corrupt, and mentally incompetent. None of this is or has been a secret. All of it has been on embarrassing display before the entire world and was disastrously demonstrated by Joe Biden’s witless and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan as well as his astoundingly moronic prewar assurance to Vladmir Putin that the United States would not militarily oppose an invasion of Ukraine.


What are the Biden family’s benefactors in Ukraine and Russia getting for their money? Whose interests is the Biden regime serving?

Biden’s caretakers have tried to hide and explain away his glaringly obvious unfitness for office. During the 2020 presidential campaign, he was kept out of public view. As our purported president, his public appearances have been marked by his inability to extemporaneously speak in a coherent manner. He even struggles to read off a teleprompter and frequently appears to be confused and lost in a mental fog.

Nevertheless, the Biden regime has been aided and abetted by corporate media eager to do their bit to mask Biden’s deficits. Similarly, none of the corporate media have questioned or investigated the Biden family’s murky financial dealings in Ukraine, Russia,  and China.

In this regard, the Biden regime has been assisted by our intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies that kneecapped Donald Trump’s presidency based on lies concocted by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign while dismissing as Russian disinformation the evidence of the Biden family’s corruption contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop computer.

Joe Biden was installed in the Oval Office by a process that had all the features of the color revolutions that our deep state has so successfully fomented around the world. On election night, the vote count was mysteriously halted. There followed an avalanche of mail-in ballots of unknown provenance.  The corporate media promptly declared Biden the winner, and denounced anyone who dared to publicly question this outcome. Those who persisted in challenging the result were smeared, banned from social media, and canceled. Many have been sued in court or had their livelihoods threatened or destroyed.And with that, it was mission accomplished. America’s color revolution had  succeeded in installing a drooling fool in the Oval Office.

Today Russia has decided to exploit Biden’s obvious weaknesses. But how long will it be before Communist China, North Korea, Iran, Islamic terrorists, narco states and every other malign element take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity presented by Biden’s weak and semi-comatose leadership?:snip:

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