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What to Do About Critical Race Theory | James Lindsay


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The New Discourses

Mar. 18 2022

Resisting Critical Race Theory Workshop, Session 5 of 5

In this fifth and final lecture in the series, Lindsay offers a stirring alternative to Critical Race Theory. The approach he advocates has two prongs, one practical and the other cultural. Practically, Critical Race Theory must be fought. Being Race Marxists, Critical Race Theorists will not stop on their own, even if we ask very nicely (or firmly). Their better nature cannot be appealed to because their entire program insists that Critical Race Theory is humanity's better nature (in fact, the only way it can avoid being racist). Thus, practical solutions that challenge and limit Critical Race Theory's implementation are needed with the overarching goal of removing the influence of Critical Race Theorists from power they only ever abuse. Secondly, Lindsay dives into the need for a cultural renewal in the classically liberal principles that founded nations like the United States. He makes calls for decentralization of power and, even more importantly, a new Common Sensibility to replace the fractured intersectional sensibility imposed upon us by Critical Race Theory. Join him in this and the other lectures in the series to understand Critical Race Theory like you never have before and, in this lecture, to gain some clear ideas on how to take action to defeat its pernicious influence in our societies!

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