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Federal prosecutors admit they SPIED on Steve Bannon without approval from Biden's DOJ as he arrives in court for his contempt case - and says 'this is nothing to do with January 6'


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Daily Mail
  • Amanda Vaughn, the lead prosecutor, said the DOJ sought 'toll records,' to see who Bannon's attorney Bob Costello was calling or writing and when 
  • Prosecutors in court admitted that they went to telecoms companies to demand Costello's records, which does not require getting upper-level approval 
  • A federal judge ordered the DOJ to produce internal records related to their decision to prosecute Bannon, a win for the former Trump adviser
  • Meanwhile Bannon said his case has 'nothing to do' with Jan. 6 and his focus is on taking down President Biden
  • 'What is essential to my work is taking down the illegitimate regime of the Biden administration and I do it every day,' he said  :snip:
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U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols seemed disturbed by the unusual move, repeatedly asking prosecutors why they thought it was proper to secretly gather records of defense attorney Robert Costello's private phone calls, text messages, and emails.

2 words James..O'Keefe.

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Daily Mail Sidebar

Sports Illustrated model Joy Corrigan goes braless as she flaunts her cleavage in a backless hot pink mini for the WeCrashed premiere in LA



Remember now Don't treat her as an object!

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