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Covid: Here We Go Again.


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A New Covid Wave Is Spreading In Europe — Here’s Why The U.S. Should Pay Attention

Robert Hart

Mar. 17 2022

The number of Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths are approaching or surpassing record highs across Europe just weeks after countries lifted pandemic restrictions and outlined plans to live with the virus, which could be a warning sign for the U.S., where numbers have been falling for weeks, but which tends to follow trends in Europe.

Covid infections are on the rise across Europe including in France, the U.K., Ireland, Switzerland, Finland and Italy, and are respectively nearing or surpassing record highs in Germany and Austria, according to official data collated by Our World in Data.

Many of these countries—including the U.K., France, the Netherlands and Belgium—are also reporting increases in the number of Covid-19 hospital admissions, according to Our World in Data, and the number of Covid deaths in the region have also started to modestly increase including in the U.K., Sweden, Slovakia, Ireland and Iceland.

The Covid burden for many European countries was already high before the recent surge, though several are now fighting outbreaks that rank among the world’s very worst: excluding territories with a population smaller than 1 million, European nations account for 16 of the highest 20 death rates (including four in the top five) and 19 of the top 25 highest case rates.



"It's the same old wine In a brand new bottle"

Jim Messina


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Fauci warns that COVID isn't over and that US restrictions could always come back

“So we can’t just say we’re done, now we're going to move on, we’ve got to be able to be flexible because we're dealing with a dynamic situation.”

Nick Monroe Cleveland, Ohio

March 17, 2022

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently told CNN viewers to be prepared for anything in terms of pandemic response measures for the current BA.2 COVID variant.

In an appearance on Jake Tapper’s program, Fauci said that the United States follows the trends of the United Kingdom by two to three weeks. While noting the lessened severity in the BA.2 COVID variant – it spreads faster.

The main message from health authorities is that COVID is still not over.



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We're All Gonna Die!

‘Stealth' COVID Variant Spreading Faster in NY Than US, CDC Says: What to Know About BA.2


Rising COVID infections associated with the so-called "stealth" omicron variant BA.2 are fueling fresh leeriness about the state of the pandemic in New York City and America, just as life as we now know it is starting to return to normal.

According to the CDC, that variant accounts for 39% of COVID circulating in New York and New Jersey right now. By comparison, it's responsible for about a quarter of new infections nationally. Its prevalence has doubled in just the last week or so.

*So how worried should you be? Not much, experts say.



* Until we decide that you should, because of rating.

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