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....Leading Children’s Hospital Offers Advice For Boys To ‘Tuck’ Their Genitals Out Of Sight

Hank Berrien

Mar 17, 2022 

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, which bills itself as Oregon’s top ranked children’s hospital, boasts a “Gender Clinic” which offers advice for the “safe tucking” of a boy’s genitals “out of the way” that can make “the genital area look smoother and flatter” as well as a referral to a “sex-positive shop in Portland. They sell gender-affirming clothing items as well as sex toys, videos and more.”

The resource on “safe tucking” from the “Gender Clinic” states:


Safe tucking. What is tucking? Tucking is moving the penis, testicles, or both out of the way. This makes the genital area look smoother and flatter. Tucking can reduce any concerns you have about your body, how your clothes fit and how safe you feel in public. People of all genders can tuck. There are several different methods of tucking. The information below helps you tuck in ways that are safe for your body.

According to the hospital’s website, it works in cooperation “with the OHSU [Oregon Health and Science University] Transgender Health Program.” The OHSU logo is also emblazoned on the “safe tucking” handout.

The handout cautions:




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