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The culture war is popular. Conservatives need to lean into it


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The Washington Examiner

Kaylee McGhee White

Mar. 16 2022

Despite Democrats and the media’s attempts to drum up opposition to Florida H.B. 1557, which they’ve dishonestly named the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, support for the law is high.

Politico released a new poll this week showing 51% of registered voters agree that restricting discussions of gender identity, sexual orientation, and other sex-based topics below the fourth-grade level is necessary. An even bigger majority (52%) support limiting topics above fourth grade to ensure they are “age-appropriate” discussions. Only 35% of voters opposed the law, the poll found.

Unsurprisingly, the people who made up that 35% were largely Democrats. Nearly half of independents (46%) supported the bill, while 35% opposed it. And 70% of Republican voters said they believe the law’s restrictions are good, while 51% of Democrats disagreed.


The takeaway from all of this should be that bills such as Florida’s, which target the Left’s attempts to hijack the education system and other cultural institutions, are popular. The media like to pretend otherwise and make it seem like conservatives are pushing outdated, dreary values on an unwilling, progressive public. But it turns out that much of the public is more concerned about aggressive leftism.

Parents want to know what’s being taught in their students’ classrooms. They believe that critical race theory is wrong and that radical gender ideology poses a legitimate threat to the well-being of their children. In other words, they’re just normal people who are discovering their students are being used as instruments for the Left’s cultural takeover, and they’ve had enough.

Conservatives must lean into this. We’ve watched for years as the Left has gradually chipped away at our cultural institutions. Now it’s time we go on the offensive. It’s what the public wants.

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DeSantis leads indignant parents against woke school days

No one alive today is enriched from slavery, which ended 159 years ago

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

As I wrote many years ago, when an entity falls under the control of liberalism it eventually loses all sense of what its purpose was to begin with. The entity can be as small as a schoolroom or as vast as a great city or even a nation. Hand over a schoolroom or a vast city to the leadership of a cabal of liberals and you will eventually see the schoolroom devoted to teaching such balderdash as gender studies or critical race theory, and the great cities will be devoted to feeding large numbers of people nuts and disgusting vegetables and to defunding the police.

After defunding the police, you will find the cities devoted to such nonsense as rehabilitation programs for the criminals. Often rehabilitation programs that leave the criminals feeling vaguely privileged.

Actually, we no longer see liberals taking over school systems or large cities because there are few liberals around today. Now the takeover comes from people who call themselves progressives or “woke folk.” They are the clarions of advanced thought, the do-gooders, the virtue flaunters. Wherever they dominate they confuse. Look at their domination of the cities. Consider the schools. There the progressives and the woke folk dominate, and they turn out students who can hardly read or perform math, but when it comes to the mysteries of those students’ genitalia, they are PhDs.

Now there is a growing rebellion among parents, and it is being led by governors such as Ron DeSantis from the great state of Florida. The Florida legislature last week passed a bill aimed at nonsense that has been taught in the classrooms of the Sunshine State. As The Washington Post put it, “The measure prohibits trainings that cause someone to feel guilty or ashamed about the past collective actions of their race or sex.” Apparently, the progressives and their woke folk allies in the classroom were intent on embarrassing white children because of the pigment of their skin and its supposed relationship to white supremacy. I am not sure which classes white supremacy is taught in, but I know no Tyrrell could possibly be guilty of it as we were not here when it was in fashion, and for that matter I imagine Mr. DeSantis was probably not around either.



DeSantis For President 2024?

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Mar. 21 2022

Daily Wire Investigative Reporter Luke Rosiak, author of Race to the Bottom: Uncovering the Secret Forces Destroying American Public Education, joins us to discuss the realities behind the academic failings of the public school system, the prevalence of Critical Race theory and other radical racial and sexual ideologies in the classroom, and the truth behind Florida's so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill.

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