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Who’s Putin’s Mouthpiece?


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Power Line

John Hinderaker

March 15, 2022

Despite the fact that public opinion is unusually united on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, quite a few people are being accused of sympathizing with Russia, parroting Putin’s propaganda, and so on. Some of these people have been accused–absurdly, I think–of treason. More about this later.

For now, let’s ask another question: who are those who actually have been mouthpieces for Putin and his predecessors, echoing Russian propaganda to the benefit of Russia and the detriment of the United States? The answer is, environmentalists. We have written about this a number of times over the years, for example here, here, and most recently here.

Now the estimable Dan Crenshaw offers a timely reminder:

The anti-fossil fuel talking points that you’ve heard from the left for years were likely written by the Russians. The radical environmentalists don’t want you know this.
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Some of the people involved here are literally Putin’s mouthpieces in America, but for the most part the environmentalists who parrot the Russian line are simply naive and misguided. Still, if there is anyone who deserves to be criticized for uncritically adopting Russian propaganda, it is environmentalists.

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I think we all know who Putin's Mouthpiece Really is



And Now....


For the record I often find myself in opposition to Tucker on foreign affairs.  That said, that make him Wrong...Not A Traitor. 

Last time I checked there were no laws against being Wrong.

I myself (prepare yourself for a shock) have been wrong one or two times in my life. :o


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