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Does Anyone Recognize This Country Anymore?


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The U.S. went through a historical convulsion in the 1960s, and not only survived but emerged restored and optimistic in the 1980s. This time, though, the destroyers are better organized and seem more determined than their predecessors. We hope there are still enough Americans who believe the country is worth defending.

Don’t make the mistake that the political left wants a strong and prosperous U.S., and the only differences it has with the center and right are the methods for how that is achieved. The left, especially its progressive wing of radicals that is taking over the Democratic Party, wants America to be just another country, yet one in which a loud, power-hungry, elitist mob, with the support of an army of useful idiots, rules over everyone else.

The current remaking of America differs from the 1960s upheaval in a number of ways. The most prominent, though, would be today’s war on the First Amendment. The desire to control speech, and eventually thought, has created a dynamic in which Big Tech acts as a government agent to censor speech unapproved by the ruling class.


“A growing number of governments are asserting their authority over tech firms, often forcing the businesses to comply with online censorship and surveillance,” reports Freedom House. “These developments have contributed to an unprecedented assault on free expression online, causing global internet freedom to decline for an 11th consecutive year.”

It’s by no coincidence that, though still ranked as “Free,” the U.S. liberty score has been been in decline in recent years.

History does repeat itself, though. The present has been marred by riots, which are not only condoned but even encouraged by the insiders, who are at war with those they consider to be deplorable outsiders.

This establishment, which like the revolutionaries of the 1960s is hoping to reshape Western society, has also brought us historic inflation; a new oil shock; rising food prices and scarcity; orders to give up fossil fuel-powered automobiles in favor of electric cars or public transportation; greater dependency on expensive and unreliable “green” energy; cruel pandemic lockdowns; and iron-fisted vaccine and mask mandates. It wants more privilege and power for itself, less autonomy for the working class and those who aren’t on board with its manipulations.

“ What we’re getting is what the establishment does want; if we don’t like it, tough,” writes University of Tennessee law professor and Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds.:snip:

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