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A 12-year-old was killed by police, but he's white so no protests or riots


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Washington Examiner

Thomas Siderio Jr., 12, was shot and killed by Philadelphia police on March 2.

According to reports, he was fleeing police when he was shot in the back. Typically, such a story would be front-page news. There would be national outrage, widespread media coverage, protests, and riots. Except, in this case, the 12-year-old victim was white.



Because of Siderio’s race — most people shot by the police are white, by the way — you most likely haven't heard about this incident. Thomas Siderio Jr. will not be a nationally recognized name. Such is the case anytime there are white victims of police shootings. If the truth were reported, it would shatter the fallacy that blacks are the victims of a systemically racist, white supremacist U.S. police force.

Approximately twice as many white people are killed by police each year than black people — armed and unarmed. Can you name even one of the white decedents? For example, you've heard of George Floyd, but you probably never heard of Tony Timpa. The unarmed white victims of police shootings, such as Thomas Siderio, don't provide any fuel for the Democratic faux outrage machine. They don’t get body camera footage shown on news networks throughout the country. Their deaths are usually ignored by Democrats, the Left, and their accomplices in the media.:snip:

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