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Saving CNN: New Boss Wants More Hard News, Less Chatter, Stop Slamming FoxNews


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Bill Whittle

Mar. 14 2022

CNN gets a new boss. If leaked reports hold up, he wants more boots-on-the-ground hard news, less mindless pundit panel chatter, and a cease-fire — stop slamming FoxNews. Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott imagine we get a say in the new direction at CNN. What's your recipe for saving CNN?


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The problem is as much hardware as it is software. The idea of saving print/cable/broadcast news may be like trying to preserve the dominance of VHS tapes in an era of streaming. When a You Tuber can get more views with a $100 camera than CNN’s multimillion dollar operation you know the times have changed.

@Cognitive Dissident It depends. There is certainly a market for ... journalism. If only they took their considerable resources and went back to the journalistic roots of being a counterbalance to consolidated power. (rather thn being the propaganda stooges of the establishment)

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