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One of my Grandfathers


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Capt. Thomas Hogg*

Known Regiment(s) Associated With:

Known Year(s) as a Captain:

1st NC Regiment


Known Lieutenants:

Known Ensigns:

Known Sergeants:

Known Corporals:

 William Armstrong
James Craven
James Milligan

James Milligan

H. William Bailey
Thomas Brown

William Gough
Thomas Harris

Known Privates, Drummers, Fifers, etc.:

H. William Bailey

Stephen Charlescroft

John Cook

Robert Cook

George Duncan

William Duncan

Elisha Grimes

James Irwin

Peter Jacobs

Solomon Johnson

Thomas Jones

Thomas Mooney

John Nicholas

John Nicholson

Jacob Norton

John Walters


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Fort Moultrie #1 (SC)

*On October 19, 1777, Thomas Hogg was promoted to Major and transferred to the 5th NC Regiment. On June 1, 1778, he was again transferred, this time to the 3rd NC Regiment, where he remained until the end of the war. In July of 1778, he was given command of the "Major's Company" of soldiers within the 3rd NC Regiment, and he led this unit at least for nine months into 1779. This unit may have continued longer, but the Author has found no references after 1779. He did, however, continue as a Major until his retirement on 1/1/1783.

Maj. Thomas Hogg
Led the Major's Company in the 3rd NC Regiment - July 1778 to ~April 1779
To many, these men were considered to be in the "New Levies" since they were "nine-months men" who enlisted at the time when the New Levies originated.

Known Lieutenants:

Known Ensigns:

Known Sergeants:

Known Corporals:

None Known

None Known

H. William Bailey
Nathaniel Vaisy
Jesse Vick

Isaac Bagley
Thomas Green

Known Privates, Drummers, Fifers, etc.:

Joh Abbott

Edom Benton

Benjamin Blango

Moses Blago/Blango

Thomas Blount

Benjamin Braddy

Henry Braddy

Thomas Brown

Edward Burwick

Britton Carroll

Winoke Charles

Stephen Charlescroft

John Dempsey

George Duncan

William Duncan

William Eason

William Eckols

Jesse Eggerton

Lewiston Hawkins

Balaam Johnson

Mason King

Josiah Lasiter

Charles Lewis

Ephraim Lewis

Bryan Maddry

Abel Miller

Oliver Mitchell

John Moore

Matthew Moore

William Moore

Daniel Murphy

John Mushaw

Aaron Odam

Isom O'Neal

Caleb Perdue

Jonathan Person

Joshua Pritchett

Noah Robison

Robert Ruff

David Ryles

Job Sanders

James Simmons

Elias Smith

Henry Smith

James Sriven

John Stewart

Ephraim Watson

Solomon Watson

Batson Whites



James Wiggins


Known Battles / Skirmishes:


Monmouth (NJ)


Siege of Charleston 1780 (SC)

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