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EXPOSED! What the Ukrainian Invasion has Revealed about Russian Military Power


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Ward Carroll

Mar. 13 2022

Ward analyzes the first two and a half weeks of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and what the fight has revealed about the aggressor's military capabilities. He also explores what might happen next in the region.

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Mar.15 2022

Military aviation expert Justin Bronk, Royal United Services Institute Research Fellow, Airpower & Technology, joins Ward from London to discuss how and why the Russian Air Force has fallen short during the initial phase of the invasion of Ukraine and why a no fly zone wouldn't work (and actually would solve Putin’s problem for him).



From The Comments

"Russian army is an army of artillery. Hence, the lack of CAS is by no means mysterious. The primary fire support is each unit's own integral artillery. The secondary fire support comes from the higher organisation level mainly as artillery fire but also in the form of attack helicopters. Tertiary support with fixed wing CAS is reserved for decisive battles with strategic significance. This old Red Army doctrine is still valid. BTW, Justin's analysis on implementing a no-fly zone was brilliant."

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Mar 23, 2022 There are a lot of videos coming out of Ukraine, leading to a lot of opinions. Not to be a wet blanket, but I caution that these are merely small data points, and normally will only permit conclusions supported by that one snippet, not larger trends. [Edit. Dear God, people, this is a video about critical thinking. It's not about who I think is going to win or who I hope is going to win (Ukraine, for the record). Listen carefully to my words: saying "Not everything unpleasant is a war crime" is NOT the same as "Russia is committing no war crimes".]


For those of us who are wargamer's Nicholas Moran is someone we pay attention to. He has the Been There, Done That ribbon.

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Apr. 24 2022

In this episode Ward discusses what equipment and capability $800 million of military aid bought the Ukrainian military as they adjust to the latest phase of the Russo-Ukrainian War.

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Apr. 26 2022

Military aviation expert Justin Bronk of RUSI rejoins the channel from London to discuss the next phase of the air war over Ukraine and whether the Russian's air advantage on paper will net out as victory as the shooting continues.

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