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Read the Classroom ‘Antiracism’ Survey That Has Maryland Parents ‘Livid’


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Washington Free Beacon

Haley Strack

March 12, 2022

A Maryland school district paid an "antiracist" consulting firm nearly $1 million to ask parents if their six-year-old children were being taught enough about racism.

The survey, a copy of which was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, gives Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) parents a chance to rate the district's "antiracism" curricula. The survey asks parents if they believe their children are being "taught about the negative effects of racism in their classes" and whether school libraries "represent people of diverse races, skin colors, ethnicities, and cultures."


The survey is the latest result of a years' long partnership between MCPS and the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium (MAEC), a prominent "antiracist" consulting group. Since 2020, MCPS has diverted nearly $1 million of taxpayer funds to the firm to boost its "antiracist" credentials, according to documents obtained by Parents Defending Education.

Some Montgomery County parents think the district has the wrong priorities.

"They're spending so much funding on this, and test scores are down," said former Montgomery County school administrator Dee Reuben. "Parents are livid. I hear this every day—parents are afraid to speak out because they're afraid of the repercussions that will happen to their kids. Academics is going down the tube, and I think that is a shame considering we were one of the top school systems around—it breaks my heart."

Montgomery County literacy readiness in 2021 plummeted between 30 and 40 percent depending on grade level. Only 54 percent of MCPS high school students test at or above the proficient level.




Critical Race Theory is as Critical Race Theory does, and all Critical Race Theory does is take every pain to transform everything in society into a Critical Race Theorist programming machine.

James Lindsay


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