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Why are gas prices higher in California than Kansas? Gas experts break down costs from state to state


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USA Today


What's the average gas price for each state?

So which states have the most expensive gas?

Petersen said Southern states tend to have the cheapest gas since they’re closer to refineries and have lower taxes.

Meanwhile, West Coast states tend to get hit with both higher state taxes and less access to refineries, driving up overall gas prices. 

The top 10 states for gas prices and the average price-per-gallon in each state as of Thursday, according to AAA:


  • California $5.694 
  • Nevada $4.872  
  • Hawaii $4.810 
  • Oregon $4.722
  • Washington $4.707  
  • Alaska $4.680  
  • Illinois $4.570  
  • Arizona $4.548 
  • District of Columbia $4.500 
  • Connecticut $4.475 

The bottom 10 states:

  • Kansas $3.817  
  • Missouri $3.850  
  • Oklahoma $3.852 
  • North Dakota $3.890  
  • Arkansas $3.901  
  • Nebraska $3.917  
  • Iowa $3.921 
  • South Dakota $3.946  
  • Colorado $3.953
  • Minnesota $3.954:snip:
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