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Our present bewilderment


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Power Line

Scott Johnsonn

Mar. 8 2022

The Spectator has published Peter Wood’s witty column “Bewilderment.” The Spectator has kindly made it accessible at our request.


In his Spectator column Wood takes on the shibboleth of “sustainability.” He observes that the shibboleth has become the watchword of a cult or fundamentalist religion. He links to the 2015 NAS report Sustainability: Higher Education’s New Fundamentalism. The report can be read or downloaded at the link.

The nauseating Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is something like an altar boy in the cult. Listen to the tone of voice in which he lards his insipid inanity below.



Reality Alert!

Mar 2, 2022

Wow! Eye opening stuff on batteries. This is a must listen. Reminder, batteries do NOT make electricity. They store it. Good to know when thinking about electric vehicles.


The only thing that bewilders me is Why So many of our fellow citizens are So Ignorant.

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