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'This is a threat to national security': Marco Rubio joins families of 9/11 victims to slam Biden for releasing 20th terrorist hijacker back to Saudi Arabia for 'mental health' treatment


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Daily Mail
  •  Mohammad Ahmad al-Qahtani, 46, was released from a Guantanamo Bay prison after 20 years and sent back to Saudi Arabia for psychiatric treatment 
  •  A panel of military and intelligence experts determined that he was no longer a danger to the U.S.
  •  Al-Qahtani missed being one of the hijackers after being detained on immigration charges
  • Angela Mistrulli, whose father Joseph die in the World Trade Center, said Biden is 'fertilizing the ground for another terrorist attack' 
  • Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who had warned against the release, slammed the president for the release :snip:
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