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Germany Rearms 2022: Assessment & Historical Context


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Military History not Visualized

Mar 4, 2022

Chancellor Scholz announced in a speech on 27th February 2022 what generally is seen as 180 degree turn in German foreign and military policy. Although it is an important step, we also need to take into account past issues and problems that have an influence on any change. As such this video looks at the statements of Scholz, but also the statement about Prof. Neitzel on the History of the Bundeswehr particularly 2014-2017 and broadly the relationship of the German society and the military since 1945. Additionally, we also get a statement from Christoph Bergs (Military Aviation History) about the role of the Bundeswehr in the past.

00:00 Intro

00:52 Statement of the Chief of the German Army about the state of the Bundeswehr in 2022

02:19 State of the Bundeswehr 2014-2017

06:04 Chancellor Scholz announces 100 billions for the German Armed Focres

14:10 German Pacifism and Civilian-Military Relations since 1945

16:00 The Role of the Bundeswehr?

17:33 Reaction of the German Public

19:33 Caveats and Analysis of the 100 billion

21:20 Old & “New” Challenges

24:39 Summary & Outro

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