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Minnesota DHS sued over ‘discriminatory’ behavior toward anti-CRT employee


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Norgren, a Christian who's 50% Native American, opposed a training titled "How to Be Anti-Racist."

Evan Stambaugh

March 5, 2022

A civil liberties legal group is suing the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) over ostensibly “discriminatory” behavior toward an employee who objected to mandatory trainings saturated with critical race theory (CRT) and “gender identity” politics.

Last Friday the Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC) filed a lawsuit against the Minnesota DHS and Commissioner Jodi Harpstead on behalf of former employee Joseph Norgren, who worked as a security counselor at the Minnesota Security Hospital.

The lawsuit alleges Norgren’s supervisors denied his request for a religious exemption to two mandatory trainings, which led to his “constructive discharge” on Jan. 6, 2021. The DHS disputes the “constructive discharge,” saying the 27-year veteran planned to retire after his 30th year of employment, but Norgren argues the discriminatory treatment and threat of termination made his employment untenable and that he had “no choice but to retire.”

Norgren, a Christian who’s 50% Native American, opposed a training titled “How to Be Anti-Racist” for multiple reasons, but he “specifically voiced his objection” to a supervisor over another training titled “Understanding Gender Identity and Expression: Moving Beyond the Binary.”


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How to Be Not-Racist

October 23, 2020

Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay

You have probably recently come up against some ideas calling themselves “anti-racism.” Nearly everybody has. Not only will you have encountered them, it’s likely that they also will have taken the liberty of essentially telling you whether or not you are racist—and, more likely, why you probably are. One thing you will have noticed about these approaches to “anti-racism” is that they explicitly tell us that there is no such thing as being “not racist” or even “less racist.” This is patently absurd, but because these ideas have gathered so much widespread support and adoption in recent months and years, we are now offering this essay as a guide to explain to readers how they can, in fact, be not-racist, which we also argue they should want to be and should be expected to be.

As it stands, this guide is very long. This is because we want to be very thorough and provide the clearest understanding of the relevant issues as possible while giving actionable steps you can take to become not-racist, if needed, and to be confident that you are not racist. Because this guide is so long, it will be broken into two parts. First, immediately following this introduction, a short summary of the major points of the longer essay, and then, following that, a considerable elaboration on each of these points that goes into tremendous detail and offers practical advice.


What Is “Anti-Racism”?

This opening section sets the stage for the need for a guide on being not racist, in light of the current specious belief that one must choose between being “anti-racist” (on very particular terms) or accept being “racist” by default. Understanding this context is necessary to understand both why a guide like this is necessary and how the current choice about racism is false, which is necessary to understand in order to reject it and genuinely be not-racist. Thus, here, we provide a brief overview of the two major approaches to “anti-racism” that are prevalent today, that of “critical whiteness educator” Robin DiAngelo and that of critical historian Ibram X. Kendi. In particular, we outline how both of these Theorists, though different in approach, falsely dichotomize the world into “racists” and “anti-racists,” each in their own ways. Both deny any possibility of being not racist, which we reject and encourage you to reject as well.



There are 2 kids of people involved in this Church Movement

1. The Leaders: who are Evil (and I don't use that word lightly)

2. Followers: The followers who are ignorant brain dead Stooges.

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