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Victor Davis Hanson | War in Ukraine (And Much More)


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John Anderson

Mar. 2 2022

00:00 Introduction

02:56 Ukraine, Russia and Putin

08:56 European resilience

13:10 Ballooning energy prices

18:30 Biden’s growing list of problems

23:50 Is Europe beginning to take defence seriously? 31:55 The Chinese perspective

35:00 Ukraine, Taiwan and the fighting spirit

42:21 The Dying Citizen 49:19 ‘Global’ citizens

55:37 Elites & the declining middle class

1:02:05 Rogan, Shapiro & the ‘new wave’

1:14:10 Living in an ‘emocracy’ 1:15:44 Trump’s Putin comments

1:19:00 Summing up our times

1:22:02 Conclusion


VDH is optimistic! :o

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