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Correction, Mr. President: It's a Pandemic of the Vaccinated Too


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Real Clear Investigations

Despite promises from President Biden and top health officials that COVID-19 vaccines would prevent severe illness, death, and perhaps even transmission of the virus, data indicate that thousands of Americans are dying from the illness even after having been vaccinated.

Striking evidence comes from California, Georgia, and Illinois, where a third of people dying with COVID had been vaccinated – even some who had received a third booster shot. In the absence of publicly available federal data, the three states offer some of the best numbers on the post-vaccine impact of a pandemic that has claimed 950,000 American lives.  


Some health experts say such deaths were predictable. After all, initial reports on the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson jabs promised vaccine efficacy rates in the 90%-plus range – not perfection. So even if a substantial percentage of the population is vaccinated, vaccinated people will still die. And the vaccines were designed to combat a strain of the virus before the delta and omicron variants appeared, suggesting the new scourges may have played a major role in the vaccines’ disappointing effectiveness.


Nevertheless, on July 21, 2021, President Biden assured Americans at a Cincinnati town hall that “If you are vaccinated, you are not going to be hospitalized, you are not going to be in the ICU unit, and you are not going to die.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, echoed his remarks in an interview later that month: “The vaccines are very effective in protecting you and extremely effective in protecting you against severe disease.”

The president has largely held to his stance, allowing during his State of the Union address on Tuesday that new vaccines might be needed, even as reality increasingly undermined it. In December, he asserted, “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated” – words soon to become an administration mantra.

He would later warn: “We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated – for themselves, their families and the hospitals they'll soon overwhelm.”

With such debatable claims, authorities have arguably harmed the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. The vaccinated – especially the elderly or immunocompromised – have been given a false sense of invincibility. The unvaccinated have been not only scapegoated; some have lost their jobs as the administration’s pronouncements were used to enforce inflexible employer vaccine mandates.

It is true that COVID mortality statistics are uncertain. They are clouded in many cases by failures to distinguish those who died from COVID versus those who died with COVID, and by variations in how “unvaccinated” is defined – with numerous deaths classified as unvaccinated up until two weeks after a victim’s second jab.:snip:

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"Striking evidence comes from California, Georgia, and Illinois, where a third of people dying with COVID had been vaccinated..." Not Of Covid.


"It is true that COVID mortality statistics are uncertain."

Because they don't fit The Narrative!

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COVID Vaccine Bombshells You Probably Missed


In recent weeks, there have been several stunning revelations concerning the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines—and they are being all but ignored by a corporate media eager to change the subject.

The FDA on Tuesday released a large tranche of Pfizer clinical trials documents in response to a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. The documents show that the company knew people were at risk of experiencing more than 1,000 unique adverse side-effects to the mRNA injections.

Additionally, scientists last week revealed that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine can enter human liver cells and be converted into DNA—something the fact-checkers and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control assured the public could never happen. Scientists also recently discovered that a sequence of genetic material patented by Moderna in 2018 bears a suspicious similarity to the spike protein in Sars-Cov2.


And a new study published on March 2 found that the synthetic mRNA found in the vaccines does not degrade quickly as promised, but continues to produce spike proteins for nearly two weeks.

Amid these new discoveries, the medical establishment won’t stop pushing the genetic vaccines that have failed to stop the coronavirus.:snip:

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COVID Vaccines - What Happened to 'Safe and Effective'?

:snip:From mid-December, 2020 through February 18, 2022, the U.S. government’s database, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), has received 1,134,984 reports of adverse events, including 24,402 deaths, following COVID vaccination. Additionally, there have been 4,021 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in the U.S. with 2,475 cases associated with Pfizer, 1,364 cases with Moderna and 171 cases with J&J’s COVID vaccine. These include 643 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis in children aged 12 to 17.:snip:

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How the federal government bought pro-Covid vax propaganda (and silenced critical voices)

Voices urging caution over the experimental mRNA shots that were relentlessly promoted throughout the media (and by the medical establishment) were confined to independent media like American Thinker until quite recently, when the evidence of adverse effects and lack of efficacy became almost impossible to ignore. How did such media uniformity, encompassing all ideological stripes from Fox News and Newsmax to MSNBC and the Washington Post, come about?:snip:

:snip: In response to a FOIA request filed by TheBlaze, HHS revealed that it purchased advertising from major news networks including ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as cable TV news stations Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, legacy media publications including the New York Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, digital media companies like BuzzFeed News and Newsmax, and hundreds of local newspapers and TV stations. These outlets were collectively responsible for publishing countless articles and video segments regarding the vaccine that were nearly uniformly positive about the vaccine in terms of both its efficacy and safety.:snip:

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Why we must demand that leaders who got COVID wrong admit it and apologize

Karol Markowicz

March 6, 2022

As COVID restrictions end around the country, and Democratic politicians pretend that something about the science has changed instead of their poll numbers being in the dirt, Americans must first demand: apologies.

Here, I’ll even go first. I spent much of 2020 and 2021 writing again and again arguing for the opening of schools throughout the country. But in March 2020, I was one of the leading voices urging schools to close.


I was wrong. I’m sorry.

Now you go.

You, leadership in school districts that closed for the entirety of 2020-2021 school year because American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten told you to — and you were too afraid to counter. Whether school boards, mayors or governors, those in charge who kept schools closed have to be held accountable.

It wasn’t that the teachers unions were strong, it was that you were weak. It was a dereliction of your duty. Apologize.


And, you, compliant media, the disaster of the last two years is at your feet. You created heroes out of people like Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose nursing-home directive cost thousands of lives, while demonizing Gov. Ron DeSantis, who used all of his political capital to correctly force schools open, a decision everyone now pretends was easy but certainly was not.

You ran stories about high case numbers in Florida “as schools open” to project that schools were somehow unsafe. You were incurious and did not ever challenge the corrupt healthcare agencies. You let us down.

Don’t apologize, we don’t believe you anyway.



Bold Mine



Well in in Minnesota Gov Tim Walz has taken care of that little problem...by shutting down All Bars & Restaurants. The question is, 1. How long will this ban be in place 2. how many bars and restaurants will go under? All because of 14 cases (out of a population of 5.6 Million)

Let me see if I understand this (not being all that bright I..Could..Be..Wrong) The media pushes the Panic Button in order to get Ratings/Clicks. A certain number of people go (for lack of a better word) Insane. Politicians in response to the Media and the Insane, react by shutting down large parts of society/the economy...(249 people in a group, you're safe, 251 Everyone dies. If you want a drink or dinner out...You're gonna die.). Then to (try) a solve the problem they created by panicking and reacting to the insanity they say they are going to Give me $1,000. Where we might reasonably ask will they get this money? Why from the magical money tree of course!

Mar. 19 2020 Some skinny old wise ass.


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